We can build sites that range in complexity from the simplest web presence to a complex online store and marketing engine.

We're going to ask you some questions so here's some warning of some of them:

  1. first & most important - why do you want a web site & what's it going to achieve?
  2. do you already have a clear idea of what's going to be on it, or do we need to help you decide?
  3. supplementary to that, how often will it change & who's going to change it? Do you need it set up so that you can easily change it yourself, or do you have no time so you'd like someone to do it for you?
  4. do your competitors have web sites, and what do you think of them?
  5. where do you think your site visitors are going to come from?
  6. do you have a budget in mind: how much can you afford and how much is it worth spending?

Based on this discussion, we'll be able to come up with some options. By considering different technical approaches to satisfying the same needs, we can offer a choice between lower up-front cost/quicker implementation or lower ongoing costs as well as options for spreading the cost and lowering the risk with phased implementation. See our example sites page for different approaches to designing, building and hosting your web site.

If you already have a technical solution in mind, follow these links for examples of web site development based on or involving php, cgi, MySQL, osCommerce, paypal, phplist, blog, wordpress, joomla, ms-access